Drone (UAV) Cargo Delivery

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Our UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) is built to solve problems, reduce time, and expenses. If you can put it on a pallet and it weighs less than 1,000 lb (454 kg) we can get it to your destination that’s 200 (322 km) or less miles away.

Focused On The Pallet

Freight Pallets are the most universal unit to group boxes, Cargo, freight, together.
Deliver provisions to ships waiting in the anchorages before receiving customs clearance.
Pick up our containers from shipping yards that have been previously loaded with pallets of cargo.
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Current UAV
HALO Heavy Duty

Warehouse Inventory Scanning

No need to use employees to complete inventory tasks. Our small HALO Lite UAVs can autonomously map and scan your inventory.

Transportation Services

The best way for us to learn how our UAVs can help your business is to leverage some of our other transportation services. We own and operate our own fl eet of semi trucks and employ a team of drivers. We can get your freight around the city of Houston and Texas. We have a warehouse for customers needing short term storage or distribution.

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Mule Works

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Whether we are scheduling drone delivery, researching your warehouse needs, or developing a transportation system, we are flexible to customize a plan for you.



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